01 / what i've done

run-on sentence warning: Ten years of destroying & creating, following & leading, stumbling & succeeding and loving every minute working with some of the smartest people around while creating award-winning, strategy-driven digital initiatives that help build brands while treating users like actual human beings.

02 / who i am

I'm Scott Brown, a designer and digital creative living in Portland, OR. I do not care for assumptions (even when I make them), am afraid of putting my pants on before my socks and will make every effort not to refer to myself in the third person on this—or any other—site.

Surname BROWN

Date of Birth 31 OCT / 1976

It's Worth Noting I DO NOT DO KARAOKE


Place of Birth ILLINOIS, U.S.A.

03 / how I can help

By making your next digital project better than it has to be. By understanding your brand, your product and, most importantly, the people you're trying to reach and how they behave. By tailoring creative strategies that activate people and make you smile. And I'm pretty damn handy around the house.

  • figure 03a.I have a brain.

    Primarily where creative ideas comes from — which can change the way people think and behave. Like deciding to put a unicorn in your frontal cortex.

  • figure 03b.I have a heart.

    And it bleeds profusely for the user. If their needs and goals aren't at the center of our solution, the best idea in the world won't help us.

04 / say hello

Interested in working together? Curious about where the name swedishguilt came from? Send me an email, find me on AIM, give me a call. Or, just do some stalking. Go ahead, nobody's watching.

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